About Us

Commercial Utilities Ltd is a privately-owned New Zealand consultancy company dedicated to reducing the operating costs of small and medium sized businesses by helping reduce your costs for utilities such as power and gas.

We use our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to find the best deals then fully manage your utilities accounts and administration.

We know that most business owners are far too busy with day to day operations to seek out the best utility services deals then to manage the monthly accounts. Most suppliers of electricity, gas and telecommunications have moved away from providing personalised service for small to medium business customers. They increasingly rely on call centres, emails and even phone apps as the means of communication with their customers.

Getting advice on your options and assessing whether you are getting the best value available is difficult – if not impossible, if you are not an expert in this field. 

Commercial Utilities is committed to working for you to get best value for your business’s utility accounts and removing the hassle of account administration and communications with the suppliers. 

Benefits of using our service

  • As an independent brokerage, we are not tied to any supplier and we do not receive incentives from suppliers to sign up or retain customers for them. 
  • We work for you – not the utility retailers, and we proactively seek out the best available rates and account structure for your business and your particular needs.
  • We offer you an experienced team of analysts, negotiators and utility professionals. 
  • Our skilled people review your utilities usage and costs, then use expert market knowledge to find the suppliers with the most appropriate offers for your needs. This often includes more than simply saving on the monthly cost – for example we can arrange fixed rates for a full contract period avoiding the uncertainty of unexpected and costly price increases.
  • We don’t just sign you up to a better deal – we take care of changeover from your existing supplier/plan, then stick around and actively manage those utility accounts for one simple monthly payment. 
  • Your account is audited monthly, ensuring each invoice you receive is correct and matches the plan you are on.
  • You will have access to ongoing expert advice from the Commercial Utilities team on your current needs, and we can help you work out how expanding your business, changing location or signing up for more services might impact on your utilities costs.